If you’re considering upgrading, relocating, or downsizing your property, you’re probably wondering: “should I sell or rent out my house?”   It’s a tough decision, with no one-size-fits-all answer. Renting out your home has advantages and disadvantages, as does selling your property.   You may be thinking of buying a house and renting it out, […]

What is a Lien on Property? It is quite common for homeowners to ask themselves “Is there a lien on my house?” This is especially true for those who frequently receive legal paperwork regarding their property ownership. Even prospective home buyers conduct a property lien search before moving forward with a purchase decision. Though liens […]

Real estate agents are a matchmaker between the home buyer and the home seller. When a match is made, they facilitate the sale of the real estate property. Their job responsibilities may include arranging for photos to be taken of your property, listing it, scheduling showings, handling negotiations, and drawing up the contract that outlines […]

At the beginning of August, roughly one-third of American households owed money for missed rent or mortgage payments from previous months, reported CNBC. When rent payments are missed, property owners feel the pinch. Many count on that income to make their own mortgage payments.

In May 2020, 4.3 million homeowners missed their mortgage payments, reported CNN Business. That’s the highest level it’s reached since 2011.