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Selling a house can often be a long, drawn-out process. But what about if you need to sell a house fast?

Anyone who has ever sold a house in the past understands it is often a long and drawn out process. In an effort to help reduce the waiting time and help individuals needing to sell complete the process faster, there are a large number of companies now offering this type of service. In fact, they offer customers the ability to sell their house in weeks, or even days, where the traditional method would take months, or longer.

A question many people have is what is the appeal of this “fast sell” process? Is it right for their particular situation? And, why would people opt for this, rather than selling their home the old-fashioned way? Some of the most common reasons someone may decide to sell their home quickly can be found here.

Family Issues

Family problems happen to everyone. But when those problems come in the form of strapped finances, they can throw everything into chaos.

When money is needed to take care of an unexpected expense, pay for health care for an ailing loved one, or something else, the most viable option is often to sell a house. If you’re short on the money needed to pay for a major expense like surgery or the ongoing care of an infirm loved one, selling your home may be the best way to finance things quickly. If you don’t have the luxury of time, selling via the traditional market won’t work. But selling a house fast for cash could be a solution.

Tax Issues and Divorce

If you owe back taxes to the government or are in the midst of divorce proceedings, selling your house fast for cash is an easy way to put those problems to bed. The profits from the sale can help you pay off your tax bill, and if you’re involved in a divorce, selling the house removes the stress of arguing over who should get to keep it or live in it. Both of these situations are often very time-sensitive, so selling fast for cash makes sense.

Tired of Being a Landlord

If you own one or more rental properties, you know how draining it can be to keep up with them. If you’re tired of dealing with nightmare tenants who either don’t pay or who damage your home, selling the house fast to a cash homebuyer can relieve you of your burdens.

The good news is, when a person utilizes the services offered by a cash for property company, they can feel confident they will get a fair price and that the process will be much shorter than if they were to sell their home the old fashioned way. This type of peace of mind, and fast cash, is invaluable when it comes to needing money or needing to unload any type or size of property.

Unfortunately, not all of these companies are created equal, which is why if you find yourself needing to sell you house fast for cash, it is important to do plenty of research before making a decision. Following the steps outlined here will help you find and use a quality company that will make your time worthwhile.

Find a Reputable Buyer

The first step you must take when trying to sell your home quickly, for cash, is to find a reputable buyer. Unfortunately, there are more than a few nefarious individuals and companies out there who are looking to “rip-off” unsuspecting homeowners who need to sell.

If you’re planning to sell to a cash homebuyer, you’ve got to do your homework! Research your options before making a decision. Look for a company with an established reputation, plenty of customer reviews, and a reputation for fairness.

Fill Out the Online Form

Once you have found a reputable buyer, you can fill out the online form (that any reputable company will have) to get the process started. This form will include basic information about you and your property. This is just the initial information that is gathered to begin the process that is followed to purchase your home.

Talk with the Buyer and Receive a Cash Offer

After filling out the form, a buyer will contact you. This buyer will likely have a cash offer ready to present to you to get the ball rolling. Now is the time to ask questions, as the process can move quite quickly from here!

Receive Your Contract

If the price offered is acceptable to you, you can move forward with the buying process. While you have the option to negotiate, remember that many offers are given sight unseen.

After accepting or agreeing to an offer, the buyer will send you your contract. This can be done via mail, email, or fax. You are required to sign the contract and return it to the buyer.


Once all the paperwork is complete, the closing process will begin. Reputable companies offering cash for houses will cover the associated closing costs. Make sure to keep this in mind, since there are some unscrupulous companies that may try to get you to pay these fees.

Receive Your Payment

Once all the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed, you will receive your payment via wire transfer, direct deposit, or check. And that’s it—the process really is that easy. In a number of situations, it can be completed in just a few days! 

For many homeowners, this home purchasing innovation is a godsend. If you’re in a situation like the ones listed above and need to sell your house fast, give us a call. We buy homes in all conditions and can get you to close in less than 30 days!

Determining how much it will cost you to sell your home through traditional real estate channels can be difficult. There are so many different types of fees and hidden costs to factor in. This is one of the main reasons homeowners are attracted to selling for cash.

Working with a cash homebuying company is a very transparent experience. You’ll be aware up front of any and all associated costs, so nothing will come as a surprise. It’s not the best fit for every homeowner, of course, but if you’re thinking, “How can I reduce the cost of selling my house?,” consider the following elements of how selling to a cash homebuyer compares to a traditional home sale.

1. Prep and Repair Costs

If you’re selling your home in the traditional manner, you’re going to need to invest a little cash up front to pretty things up for potential buyers. Whether this means doing serious staging or making functional and cosmetic repairs and upgrades, it’s going to cost you.

When selling to The Buy Guys, however, there is no need to stage your home for viewings. You also don’t have to worry about updating and outdated rooms or repairing problem spots. We’ll buy your home as-is!

2. Seller Concessions

When you sell your home via the mainstream real estate market, buyers have a lot of power. In cases where the home is less-than-perfect, they can demand you make certain repairs before the sale is finalized. Or they may ask you to make up for those shortcomings by reducing the cost of your home.

Either way, you may end up losing money unexpectedly. The Buy Guys, however, will never ask for reductions based on those things. The offer we give you will be final, fair, and competitive.

3. Fees and Commissions

This is a big one! If you’re selling in the traditional market, you’re going to be on the hook for realtor fees.

It’s unavoidable. You’ll cover commissions on the sale for both your realtor and your buyer’s realtor. Even if you decide to handle the sale yourself in a For Sale By Owner situation, you’re still responsible for covering the buyer’s realtor fees. When you work with The Buy Guys, there are no such fees for selling a house.

4. Moving Costs

The cost of selling your house on the traditional market can vary wildly. If your home moves quickly, you may also be pushed into a rushed move. This could incur costs for things such as movers, storage units, and temporary housing.

Depending on when in the month you leave, you may also still be responsible for things like utilities, HOA fees, insurance, and more. With The Buy Guys, you can set the date for your move-out. This removes the burden of unnecessary overlap costs and allows you the time you need to transition smoothly.

5. Closing Costs

Traditional closing costs are a killer for many homeowners. The cost can range from one to three percent of the total cost of the home, depending on differing fees and legal requirements.

When you sell to The Buy Guys, we handle almost all of the customary fees associated with the closing. You’ll only be responsible for your prorated portion of the county property taxes, a state tax (which amounts to roughly 0.7 percent of the sale price) and the remaining mortgage balance (if any).

As you can see, the fees for selling a house can vary significantly depending on your individual situation. Selling to a cash homebuyer removes a lot of those extra costs.

Keep this in mind when you receive your offer number. If you consider how much you’re saving by not having to shoulder those fees, you’ll be able to evaluate the offer more fairly.

If you’re looking to sell your house without taking on the associated hassle and fees of the traditional real estate market, give The Buy Guys a call today. We purchase homes in almost all conditions, and we can help you quickly and easily sell your home and move on to the next chapter of your life.

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Whether you’re in the market to sell your home or not, you’ve probably seen scores of “We Buy Houses” signs and billboards in your town. The industry has grown significantly in the last decade, and while there are some great companies in the cash homebuying sector, there are also plenty of scam artists.

If you’re open to selling your house for cash or allowing the buyer to take over the mortgage, partnering with a cash homebuying company is a great way to sell your house fast. But how do you choose the right company? And how do you avoid becoming a victim of a shady or opportunistic outfit?

When considering selling your home to a We Buy Houses company, it’s very important that you ask questions and make sure you are 100% clear on how everything will work. Below are a few questions that will help you determine if the buyer is legitimate and a good fit for your situation.

1. How Many Homes Have You Purchased?

Any cash homebuyer worth their salt will have a well-documented and public record of home purchases. Check your local county clerk’s website, and search for the buyer’s name in the registry of home sales.

Look at the actual deed documents, and confirm that they’re operating above board. If you find nothing in your searches, that’s a big red flag.

2. How Does Your Process Work?

Not all We Buy Houses companies work the same way. Some give quotes without seeing your home. Others will require inspections and appraisals like a traditional real estate buyer. Before getting into bed with anyone, confirm all the details of their process and make sure you’re comfortable with all the required terms.

3. Do You Have Customer Reviews?

A legitimate business will have a track record of customer interactions. These reviews will likely be presented on the company’s website. (If they don’t have a website, that’s another red flag.)

But remember that those reviews are curated by the company, so they may be unfairly slanted in their favor. When you look up the company, you should be able to access impartial Google reviews, and you’ll also want to check social sites like Facebook or Yelp to get a full picture of people’s experiences with them.

4. Are You Local?

It may not necessarily be a dealbreaker for you if the company is not located in your area, but it’s important that you know this ahead of time. Investors located in your area are more likely to understand the many factors that affect the value of your home. In addition, you’ll likely get a better price than you would from an out-of-state company that is just looking at comparable recent sales in your area but doesn’t understand the nuances of your market.

5. Why Should I Go With The Buy Guys and Not Some Other Company?

Again, legitimate We Buy Houses companies should be able to tell you why they’re the best choice for you. They should be confident in their processes and proud of their past work. They should be able to provide you with efficient and expedited service and help you get relief from your situation.

If you’re ready to sell your house for cash fast, give The Buy Guys a call. We work exclusively with individuals and our experienced, local team can get you a quote for your home almost instantly, putting you at the closing table in under 30 days. We have an extensive history of home purchases and legions of satisfied customers. Join them today, and walk away with cash in hand!

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Whether you’re buying, renting, or selling a home, you’re probably considering looking to a real estate agent for help. While there are plenty of great agents out there, there are abundant scams and hucksters too.

How can you protect yourselves from a bad real estate agent? Know their tricks!

Below are just a few of the markers of a real estate agent that you’d be better off without. If you’re looking for an agent now or considering whether you should fire the real estate agent you have, consider these points.

1. Dual Agency

If at any point in the process, your agent says they can serve as a “dual agent,” kick them to the curb right away. This means they would serve as the agent for both the buyer and the seller.

You might be thinking that the aims of these two parties are in direct opposition, and you’re right! How can an agent work towards the best interests of the seller (getting the best possible price for the home) and the buyer (getting the best deal possible on the property)? They can’t, plain and simple.

No matter what the agent tells you about being able to balance these needs, don’t trust them. At worst, they’ll completely let down one side of the equation, and at best they’ll be rendered a neutral middleman, doing nothing for either party.

2. Unnecessary Open Houses

Open houses have their place, but if your prospective agent tells you they can’t sell your home without holding an open house, keep looking for someone else to represent you. Many shady realtors use open houses as a way to prospect for future business, not caring about your needs or about how few sales actually result from open houses.

Any serious buyer will want a private showing of your home, and they’ll ask their realtor to set that up. Open houses attract window shoppers, nosy neighbors, and potentially even criminals interested in casing your home. They should be considered a possibility, but never a necessity, when selling your home.

3. Pricing Inflation

It may be tempting to go with an agent that promises you they can get top dollar for your home. But if they can’t show you proof that the market will support that pricing, be suspicious.

Any good agent will show you comps (comparisons) to other homes in your area similar to your own that have sold in the last few months. They will talk you through why they are suggesting a particular price and will be honest with you about the realities of the market, even if that means you’re pricing your home lower than you had hoped to. Beware of anyone showing you numbers that feel too good to be true.

4. Broken Promises

Any real estate agent with good sense wants to win your business, so when you first speak with them, they’ll make all sorts of promises. They may tout their impressive marketing and social media skills and guarantee you top-notch photos and videos hosted on a beautiful website.

But if you’re a few weeks into the process and not seeing results, don’t just sit by. It can be an uncomfortable thing to fire a real estate agent, but selling your home is a major undertaking. If the person who is supposed to be in your corner isn’t living up to their promises, you need to find someone who will.

If you’re fed up with your bad real estate agent and are just ready to sell, you do have other options. You can always go the For Sale By Owner route, cutting the agent out of the process. This will require more time and energy on your part, as well as a thorough understanding of the home sale process, including all the necessary paperwork and legal documentation.

If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can always sell to a cash homebuyer. They handle all the paperwork and legalities, and you can walk away with cash in hand. You won’t have to make any repairs to your home or endure staging, showing, or open houses.

If you’re ready to sell your house and be done, give us a call today. We can get you a quote in minutes and have you at the closing table in less than 30 days!

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Imagine how much simpler it would be to sell your home for cash rather than dealing with the hassle of banks, lenders, and mortgage companies. How much more profitable would the sale be if you could get it done quickly and avoid the hang-ups that the loan process often presents?

While the traditional real estate path might feel comfortable because it’s familiar, it has some serious downsides. If you’re thinking, “Why should I sell my house for cash?” or “What are the main benefits in looking for such a sale?”, here are five great reasons to consider selling your house for cash. Read more