At the beginning of August, roughly one-third of American households owed money for missed rent or mortgage payments from previous months, reported CNBC. When rent payments are missed, property owners feel the pinch. Many count on that income to make their own mortgage payments.

In May 2020, 4.3 million homeowners missed their mortgage payments, reported CNN Business. That’s the highest level it’s reached since 2011.

It may seem like a distant memory, but — even before the coronavirus pandemic — it wasn’t easy to sell a home. You had to foot the bill for major repairs, stage each room, hire a real estate agent, invite dozens of strangers over for showings, and deal with the disappointment of failed sales attempts.

Inheriting A House 101 Inheriting a house can bring some very complex challenges. Depending on how you came into possession of the home (whether it’s paid for, and whether you have any co-owners), there could be many potential next steps from which to choose.

Understanding Companies That Pay Cash for Houses Companies that buy your house for cash allow you to sell it “as is” — without having to list it on the market. This is an ideal option for people who need to sell their home quickly.