Homeowners always start out home renovation projects or new home builds excited about what could be. They envision a home that’s the envy of the whole block. The work they’re requesting might scale from minor updates (new kitchen backsplash and hardwood floors) to major overalls (converting a patio or garage into an additional bedroom) or […]

Roughly 13 million households rely on private wells for drinking water in the U.S., according to the American Housing Survey 2017. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not regulate private wells or provide recommendations or criteria to maintain them. As a result, private well owners are responsible for the safety of their drinking […]

Rent-to-own agreements allow you to rent a house for a designated period of time and buy it at the end of the contract. It can work in one of two ways: a lease agreement with an option to purchase or a lease agreement and a purchase agreement. The key difference between the two options is […]

In the world of real estate, many people list their homes as ‘for sale by owner’ (FSBO). During the FSBO process, the homeowner handles duties that would have been performed by a real-estate agent and/or a lawyer. Unfortunately, there can be a myriad of FSBO problems. Therefore, we believe you should understand the dangers of […]

You may hear the words “condemned house” and think of a property that closely resembles a haunted house. Dark, lightless windows. Missing roof shingles. Worn-down wooden posts boxed around the front porch. In reality, a house can be condemned for many reasons, one of which is disrepair.