How long does it take to sell a house? That can be a tricky question to answer. There are so many variables that come into play, like price, condition, and location. Based on national averages, about 40% of homes sell within 30 days of listing. However, it can take up to 20% as long as […]

To find and engage prospective home buyers, realtors need to go where they live.  When it comes to Millennials, where they live is in on their smartphones and social media sites.  According to data gathered by LeadsCon:

We’ve all seen the billboards and ads, promoting a quick cash sale for homes. If you’ve thought that kind of sale is only for people in desperate money trouble, think again. A cash sale of a home is a pretty smart thing to do. Here are 9 reasons to sell your home for cash: 

Real estate technology is not limited to delivering a magnificent 360-degree virtual home tour online from the comfort of your sofa. The most innovative real estate professionals today are using some amazing hi-tech tools that are revolutionizing the way homes are sold.