Wondering how hard is it to sell a house? According to a recent report, only about 10% of sellers can sell their home without hiring a real estate agent. Another 10% of homeowners choose the for sale by owner (FBSO) route and, eventually, turn to a real estate agent for assistance. If you don’t like […]

Selling a house as-is has its pros and cons. If you’re wondering how to sell a house with foundation problems or considering selling a house that needs work, the following information should provide some clarity.   Have you asked yourself, “can I sell my house as is?” Of course, you can, without having to make […]

This price of your home can continually fluctuate as values rise and fall depending on several key factors. For this reason, buying and selling a property can be both rewarding and frustrating. A property value assessment can provide the assessed value of a home or its current market value.   If you’re a buyer or […]

Do you ever wonder, “What does an appraiser do?” Or, “What do they look for in a home appraisal?” So do many of our customers.    In fact, we’re frequently asked, “Exactly what do home appraisers look at?”, and “Just what do appraisers look for?”   Visits from home appraisers are a critical aspect of […]

When you search the market for a new property, you’ll find buildings in many different states of activity. During the search process, you may find yourself asking, “what does contingent mean in real estate?” or “what does pending mean on a property?”   Understanding the difference between a contingent house and a pending property can […]