Do you ever wonder, “What does an appraiser do?” Or, “What do they look for in a home appraisal?” So do many of our customers.    In fact, we’re frequently asked, “Exactly what do home appraisers look at?”, and “Just what do appraisers look for?”   Visits from home appraisers are a critical aspect of […]

When you’re looking to sell your house, structural problems can be a huge cost. It’s also pretty easy for these sorts of issues to go unnoticed, as they’re typically much harder to find. But they affect the overall integrity of your home and can be a real headache to mitigate. In Florida specifically, a number […]

There are two words that can instantly strike fear into the heart of any homeowner: water damage. Whether it comes as the result of a busted pipe, a leaky roof, a faulty component in your HVAC system, or even the sometimes-cruel hand of Mother Nature, dealing with water in your home is a monumental headache. […]

Is it possible to sell a house in bad shape? Of course it is! Whether your home sustained damage from a hurricane—which is a very common situation for Floridians—or from some other calamity such as fire or a flood, you still have options. It’s not an unachievable dream that you could sell a bad house [...]

A house fire is one of the most traumatic things you could endure as a homeowner. Though you and your loved ones may escape safely, you may still suffer major losses in the wake of the blaze. From the destruction of beloved heirlooms and memories to the very tangible damage done to your property, fire […]