At the beginning of August, roughly one-third of American households owed money for missed rent or mortgage payments from previous months, reported CNBC. When rent payments are missed, property owners feel the pinch. Many count on that income to make their own mortgage payments.

Being a landlord isn’t for the faint of heart. While a vast majority of renters are reasonable and respectful people, there are definitely nightmare tenants out there. Even if you think you’ve vetted them thoroughly, you might end up surprised by the destructive and negligent actions they take on your property. If you’re dealing with […]

Renting a property you own can have great benefits. If you’re in a tough financial spot, it could allow you to move into a smaller, cheaper home and satisfy your mortgage obligations without sinking further into debt. Provided you charge an adequate amount, those monthly rent payments can be a lifesaver! One of the biggest [...]

If you are a landlord, you may wonder whether or not you are allowed to sell your property that is tenant occupied. Or, if you currently live in the house, can you sell it and remain in place? The good news is, landlords can typically put any property on the market, or sell it for […]