Inheriting a home can be a very complex business. Depending on how you came to be in possession of the home (whether it’s paid for, and whether or not you have any co-owners), there could be many potential next steps from which to choose. If you’ve recently inherited a house in Florida, you may be […]

Inheriting a house can be incredibly overwhelming. While it’s wonderful to know that someone you cared for trusted you enough to appoint you the caretaker of their home after their passing, it can also be a big financial strain. There are a number of tax implications that come into play when you inherit a house. […]

Hoarding is a complex disorder that affects upwards of five percent of the population. It can range wildly in severity. The mildest version includes “pack rats,” or people who may save lots of small tchotchkes. They might have 30 years of back issues of their favorite magazine just lying around the house. On the more […]

It’s always an honor to have a loved one trust you enough to bequeath their property to you upon their passing. But honor doesn’t remove the challenges that will come with managing or caring for their home. Perhaps you’d been renting and, now with this inheritance, you have a home to call your own. But […]

Most people fail to realize just how complicated and stressful it can be to inherit a piece of property. Some seem to think inheriting a piece of land or a home is like winning the lottery, but this is not the case at all. In some cases, an inherited piece of property can create a […]