Which of Those “We Buy Houses” Posters Are Legitimate?

A checklist with two boxes.

Whether you’re in the market to sell your home or not, you’ve probably seen scores of “We Buy Houses” signs and billboards in your town. The industry has grown significantly in the last decade, and while there are some great companies in the cash homebuying sector, there are also plenty of scam artists.

If you’re open to selling your house for cash or allowing the buyer to take over the mortgage, partnering with a cash homebuying company is a great way to sell your house fast. But how do you choose the right company? And how do you avoid becoming a victim of a shady or opportunistic outfit?

When considering selling your home to a We Buy Houses company, it’s very important that you ask questions and make sure you are 100% clear on how everything will work. Below are a few questions that will help you determine if the buyer is legitimate and a good fit for your situation.

1. How Many Homes Have You Purchased?

Any cash homebuyer worth their salt will have a well-documented and public record of home purchases. Check your local county clerk’s website, and search for the buyer’s name in the registry of home sales.

Look at the actual deed documents, and confirm that they’re operating above board. If you find nothing in your searches, that’s a big red flag.

2. How Does Your Process Work?

Not all We Buy Houses companies work the same way. Some give quotes without seeing your home. Others will require inspections and appraisals like a traditional real estate buyer. Before getting into bed with anyone, confirm all the details of their process and make sure you’re comfortable with all the required terms.

3. Do You Have Customer Reviews?

A legitimate business will have a track record of customer interactions. These reviews will likely be presented on the company’s website. (If they don’t have a website, that’s another red flag.)

But remember that those reviews are curated by the company, so they may be unfairly slanted in their favor. When you look up the company, you should be able to access impartial Google reviews, and you’ll also want to check social sites like Facebook or Yelp to get a full picture of people’s experiences with them.

4. Are You Local?

It may not necessarily be a dealbreaker for you if the company is not located in your area, but it’s important that you know this ahead of time. Investors located in your area are more likely to understand the many factors that affect the value of your home. In addition, you’ll likely get a better price than you would from an out-of-state company that is just looking at comparable recent sales in your area but doesn’t understand the nuances of your market.

5. Why Should I Go With The Buy Guys and Not Some Other Company?

Again, legitimate We Buy Houses companies should be able to tell you why they’re the best choice for you. They should be confident in their processes and proud of their past work. They should be able to provide you with efficient and expedited service and help you get relief from your situation.

If you’re ready to sell your house for cash fast, give The Buy Guys a call. We work exclusively with individuals and our experienced, local team can get you a quote for your home almost instantly, putting you at the closing table in under 30 days. We have an extensive history of home purchases and legions of satisfied customers. Join them today, and walk away with cash in hand!