Steps to Sell Your House Fast for Cash: What’s Next?

A yellow house with vibrant lawn and flowers.

Selling a house can often be a long, drawn-out process. But what about if you need to sell a house fast?

Anyone who has ever sold a house in the past understands it is often a long and drawn out process. In an effort to help reduce the waiting time and help individuals needing to sell complete the process faster, there are a large number of companies now offering this type of service. In fact, they offer customers the ability to sell their house in weeks, or even days, where the traditional method would take months, or longer.

A question many people have is what is the appeal of this “fast sell” process? Is it right for their particular situation? And, why would people opt for this, rather than selling their home the old-fashioned way? Some of the most common reasons someone may decide to sell their home quickly can be found here.

Family Issues

Family problems happen to everyone. But when those problems come in the form of strapped finances, they can throw everything into chaos.

When money is needed to take care of an unexpected expense, pay for health care for an ailing loved one, or something else, the most viable option is often to sell a house. If you’re short on the money needed to pay for a major expense like surgery or the ongoing care of an infirm loved one, selling your home may be the best way to finance things quickly. If you don’t have the luxury of time, selling via the traditional market won’t work. But selling a house fast for cash could be a solution.

Tax Issues and Divorce

If you owe back taxes to the government or are in the midst of divorce proceedings, selling your house fast for cash is an easy way to put those problems to bed. The profits from the sale can help you pay off your tax bill, and if you’re involved in a divorce, selling the house removes the stress of arguing over who should get to keep it or live in it. Both of these situations are often very time-sensitive, so selling fast for cash makes sense.

Tired of Being a Landlord

If you own one or more rental properties, you know how draining it can be to keep up with them. If you’re tired of dealing with nightmare tenants who either don’t pay or who damage your home, selling the house fast to a cash homebuyer can relieve you of your burdens.

The good news is, when a person utilizes the services offered by a cash for property company, they can feel confident they will get a fair price and that the process will be much shorter than if they were to sell their home the old fashioned way. This type of peace of mind, and fast cash, is invaluable when it comes to needing money or needing to unload any type or size of property.

Unfortunately, not all of these companies are created equal, which is why if you find yourself needing to sell you house fast for cash, it is important to do plenty of research before making a decision. Following the steps outlined here will help you find and use a quality company that will make your time worthwhile.

Find a Reputable Buyer

The first step you must take when trying to sell your home quickly, for cash, is to find a reputable buyer. Unfortunately, there are more than a few nefarious individuals and companies out there who are looking to “rip-off” unsuspecting homeowners who need to sell.

If you’re planning to sell to a cash homebuyer, you’ve got to do your homework! Research your options before making a decision. Look for a company with an established reputation, plenty of customer reviews, and a reputation for fairness.

Fill Out the Online Form

Once you have found a reputable buyer, you can fill out the online form (that any reputable company will have) to get the process started. This form will include basic information about you and your property. This is just the initial information that is gathered to begin the process that is followed to purchase your home.

Talk with the Buyer and Receive a Cash Offer

After filling out the form, a buyer will contact you. This buyer will likely have a cash offer ready to present to you to get the ball rolling. Now is the time to ask questions, as the process can move quite quickly from here!

Receive Your Contract

If the price offered is acceptable to you, you can move forward with the buying process. While you have the option to negotiate, remember that many offers are given sight unseen.

After accepting or agreeing to an offer, the buyer will send you your contract. This can be done via mail, email, or fax. You are required to sign the contract and return it to the buyer.


Once all the paperwork is complete, the closing process will begin. Reputable companies offering cash for houses will cover the associated closing costs. Make sure to keep this in mind, since there are some unscrupulous companies that may try to get you to pay these fees.

Receive Your Payment

Once all the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed, you will receive your payment via wire transfer, direct deposit, or check. And that’s it—the process really is that easy. In a number of situations, it can be completed in just a few days! 

For many homeowners, this home purchasing innovation is a godsend. If you’re in a situation like the ones listed above and need to sell your house fast, give us a call. We buy homes in all conditions and can get you to close in less than 30 days!