9 Reasons To Sell Your Home For Cash

A monopoly house on twenty dollar bills.

We’ve all seen the billboards and ads, promoting a quick cash sale for homes. If you’ve thought that kind of sale is only for people in desperate money trouble, think again. A cash sale of a home is a pretty smart thing to do. Here are 9 reasons to sell your home for cash

  1. Follow Through:A cash sale of a home is the kind of deal that is the real deal. It’s less likely to fall apart once all parties gather ’round the table. Sellers know they are dealing with qualified buyers who are already credit-approved for a loan and serious about purchasing right now.
  2. Timing: Money and time are two things a person could always use more of. Money is also one of those things that, the sooner received, the better. A cash home sale let’s you have your cake and eat it, too. On average, closings only take a few days. That’s amazing compared to traditional home sale closings that often take weeks.
  3. Convenience:Selling a home for cash is usually an “as is” situation. That’s good news for you if you’re a creature of convenience. If you don’t want to bother with updates and staging, this is the perfect option. You don’t even have to mop the floors! Investing in the time and expense of an appraisal is also optional. If personal time matters and you crave the lowest stress home sale experience, you need to sell your home for cash.
  4. Trending: Although buyers and sellers in the home market may have once regarded cash sells with suspicion, now the practice is trending. Buyers are realizing the power of bringing cash to the negotiating table. Sellers are loving the comfort of moving on with their lives more smoothly and much faster. The hard and fast rule for decades has been that cash sales of homes represented about 25% of the market. In 2014 that slice of the market pie almost doubled, climbing to about 40%. The trend is still going strong, industry professionals reporting year-over-year increases in cash sales throughout the U.S.
  5. Value: When sellers and buyers are working with real estate professionals who specialize in cash sales of homes, they enjoy other financial benefits. Due to high volumes of property transactions, the title company of choice will often offer reduced pricing for their services, foregoing many fees that can really add up to quite a bit of change.
  6. Get Your Life Back: Enjoying the quick infusion of a cash sale is not just for an individual home. A variety of residential properties offer lucrative opportunities through quick cash sales. Townhomes, a duplex, or any similar multi-family dwelling is perfect for selling through the quick cash market. It is not uncommon for an individual to inherit rental property like this. Although a generous, deceased uncle may have been living his dream as a landlord, this might not be the path an heir has chosen. Inheriting rental property can become very disruptive to an heir’s life. Managing rental property is time-consuming work. That is one reason individuals who inherit this type of property are often eager for a quick cash sale.
  7. Fund Retirement: One might think that a retired senior who has plenty of equity in their property would see no reason for a quick cash sale of their home. The reality is that many seniors are house rich but cash poor. A home requires ongoing maintenance. That is an investment of time, effort and money. Once seniors are living on a fixed income, these ongoing costs may simply not factor into their budget. The smart move is to get out from under the responsibility of maintaining the home.
  8. Freedom: Sometimes money is not the issue. Many seniors want to enjoy their freedom. Owning a home that will remain vacant several months out of the year is a waste and a worry active travelers prefer to do without.
  9. Adjusting To Life Changes: Another reason many seniors sell their homes for cash is related to medical issues. The cash may be needed to pay for medical care or a medical condition has arisen that makes living in the home and caring for it impractical.

Reasons may vary for inspiring a cash sale of a home. However, every cash home sale has one thing in common: the professional who manages the transaction. Today’s market demands a real estate professional with the cutting edge of technology. Investors and sellers, alike, frequent the most popular venue for browsing and showcasing homes, the worldwide web. Companies like PropertyForce are the perfect blend of a real estate firm and tech company, equipped with the hi-tech tools and skillful methodology to bring the right people together. This is the kind of expertise that a buyer or seller should take advantage of. Consult with a professional today and discover many more benefits of selling your home for cash.

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