Blue house fo sale sign.

Selling a home is always a major undertaking. It can feel a lot more daunting when your house lacks what real estate agents call “curb appeal” or is, in simple terminology, ugly. The hard truth remains that it’s an uphill battle to get a good asking price to sell an ugly house fast in Florida. 

Hope is not lost, though! There are a few things you can do to situate your ugly house in a slightly better light before trying to sell it.

1. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Sure, your home may not look brand-new, but it likely has some redeemable characteristics. Older homes can fall into disrepair on the outside but often have what architects call “good bones” (a strong and attractive structure that, with work, could be restored).

Many buyers appreciate these old homes due to the retention of original interior details such as antique fixtures, woodwork, floors, and staircases. If your home has any of those features, they could be a major bonus.

What if your house isn’t a historic gem? Perhaps it’s in that sad middle-ground—too modern to be “classic” but just old enough to not feel “new.” It might be dated by things like old appliances, worn-out carpet, and faded wallpaper.

On the other hand, perhaps it’s located in a neighborhood that’s highly desirable. Carpet can be replaced and wallpaper removed, but finding an affordably priced home in the hottest neighborhood in town? Now that’s a selling point!

When photographing your property or showing it to potential buyers, focus on the strongest positives of your home. You can’t totally ignore the major aesthetic issues at play, but you can put them in perspective by showcasing and emphasizing the treasures lurking behind that lackluster facade.

2. The Price Is Right

It can be hard to swallow the reality that you’ll have to sell your home for less money than you’d like. If you invested a lot of money in the home upfront, this could sting even more. Be honest with yourself when setting an asking price for what most would consider an ugly home.

If you overprice it, you’re almost guaranteed to watch it sit for months and months with no interest. Very few buyers will take on a major fixer-upper if it comes with a hefty price tag. Anyone willing to buy ugly property will expect to get a good deal on it.

That doesn’t mean you have to give your house away, however. Research what comparably sized homes are selling for in your area, and adjust the numbers accordingly based on the level of deterioration or outdatedness of your home. Don’t make the mistake of pricing yourself out of the game entirely by refusing to accept that your home isn’t the most desirable piece of real estate.  

3. Cash Is King To Sell an Ugly House

When trying to unload an ugly home, going through traditional real estate channels doesn’t always make sense. An agent can’t do much to increase the attractiveness of your home, and you’ll likely fork over a good chunk of what little profit you make on the sale to cover fees and commissions.

Targeting buyers who are willing to pay cash is a much smarter route. Find a young couple just starting out that’s willing to handle repairs and upgrades in exchange for a bargain. Or seek out a seasoned professional who enjoys rehabbing and flipping houses that need a lot of work.

What if you don’t have the time or patience to hunt for the perfect individual cash buyer? A cash homebuyer like The Buy Guys might be a perfect fit for you to sell an ugly house fast. We gladly buy ugly houses in Florida and can get you a fair price, in cash, on your timeline. Contact The Buy Guys today, so we can help you sell your ugly home.