Real estate market technology.

Real estate technology is not limited to delivering a magnificent 360-degree virtual home tour online from the comfort of your sofa. The most innovative real estate professionals today are using some amazing hi-tech tools that are revolutionizing the way homes are sold.

1. Data Aggregation: It sounds boring, yes. But by compiling massive amounts of data from listings, online data-rich platforms make searching for the perfect home easy. Data aggregation results in an index of features that becomes part of search parameters. Techies call this “complex comparables“. What is most important to you? Floorplan? Location? Price? Trim color? Instead of browsing for hours through countless videos, images and descriptions destined for rejection, data aggregation streamlines the search. Consult with a real estate professional with a modern real estate index and search with laser focus for exactly what you want.

2. Communication: A virtual concierge allows for better communication between buyers, sellers and agents. Communication during the process of searching, negotiating and closing becomes a boutique experience. Do you prefer to hear a voice? Select your phone call notification preference. Are telephone calls disruptive to your active lifestyle? Manage communication via email or a shared note platform. Want to put a face with a name? Video chat can upgrade the personal aspect of the process. Whatever your personal communication preferences are, today’s up-to-date real estate professional can tailor communication accordingly. But this technology goes further than enhancing convenience. It also improves security and response time. With technology that keeps everyone in the loop, this means greater transparency for better peace of mind.

3. Analytics: This dreaded word is indelibly linked with boredom, right? It shouldn’t be. Let’s give analytics the credit it is due. After all, credit is so incredibly important to the home buying experience. Credit data analytics makes it possible for a tech-savvy real estate agent to weed through prospective buyers. Sellers can say good-bye to wasting time with an offer that turns into a big disappointment when it turns out a buyer doesn’t qualify for the necessary loan. The latest analytic technology empowers a real estate agent to equip their client with the right information to make better, faster decisions and invest their time with qualified buyers.

4. Catching The Most Cash: When a skilled fisherman sets out, years of experience tell him where the most fish will be at any time of day. The same is true for a modern real estate professional who utilizes the latest technologies that constantly monitor the pulse of the real estate market. Interested in buying or selling? What are current conditions like in your neck of the woods? Is it a seller’s market? Are home prices trending lower than average? Are they selling like hotcakes? Is your city projecting a population explosion? Upgrade to a real estate company that uses enhanced online tools like market trend mapping. It will help you buy or sell at the right time in the right place. You’ll be so surprised you will think that wizardry and magic must be involved!

5. Smart Homes: Partner with a hi-tech real estate professional and you might think the digital excitement will only be taking place between the electronic devices of the parties involved. Now that thousands of homes have integrated various smart home technologies, a buyer may also enjoy connectivity with a home they are interested in. This is even greater than a 360-degree online visual tour. You can actually interact with connected gizmos and gadgets within the home. Open and close window treatments, check out the functionality of the home’s HVAC system, browse the various security features, turn on the hot tub. Smart home technology is taking off and gaining ground. Take advantage of one more exploration tool.

6. Drones: This may be the next great thing for real estate, drone tours. It’s all the thrill of voyeurism without the stigma of being a Peeping Tom. Real estate professionals who have several homes they are eager to show a client no longer have to bother with traffic, crossing from one side of town to another. Instead, launch your strategically located drones throughout the city! The buzz of drones in your neighborhood may not be just delivering pizza or goods from Amazon. They maybe offering a bird’s eye view of your entire community to a future neighbor.

For the latest, greatest hi-tech advantages for buyers and sellers of real estate, consult with a company like PropertyForce that hails as a tech firm as much as it does a real estate company.

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